Kiki & co logo and branding

In January 2020 I created a new logo and several spot illustrations for dog clothing & accessory company Kiki & Co. I also created a custom header illustration for their etsy shop.

Kiki & Co logo
Kiki & Co's logo in various colour ways and arrangements
A screenshot of the Kiki&co etsy store with a header illustration of outfitted dogs in a dog park

Spot illustrations

An illustration of a whippet with measuring tape and sewing scissors
A blue whippet crouches on a green laptop with a question mark above its head
An illustration of a great dane wearing a green and blue polka dot pyjama onesie
An illustration of an orange dog wearing a green snood with pink pom poms
An illustration of two small dogs wearing jackets and sweaters

Other assets

A pattern of whippet head illustrations, in pink, green, orange, and light blue
A white clothing label featuring the kiki & co logo on a dark orange garment

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