Okay, I think there is something to be said for both using and making it work with the supplies you already have, but there is also for investing in the tools that will help you make the art you really want.

I've been drawing in my sketchbook the last few months using the prismacolor colored pencils that come in a pre-curated set of 24, and it's been fine. I've been enjoying the highly pigmented colours, but found I really kept cycling between the same 4-5 colours. I'd make a doodle in my sketchbook and feel sort of sad it didn't look how it would if I'd done it digitally and had all the colours in the spectrum at my disposal. SO I decided to hand select my own collection of pencils from the neighbourhood art store. I went to buy them in person so I could try each colour and see how they looked together before purchasing. I don't think this is the most cost efficient way to purchase, but luckily there was a bulk discount if you bought more than 12 pencils. I walked away with 25.

Having colours that really speak to me readily available has been such a boost to my creativity! Here's some of what I've been drawing lately.

The corner of a sketchbook with an orange raccoon drawn it it. Around the sketchbook are colored pencils and a pencil sharpener
a closeup view of a sketchbook filled with a landscape of purple mountains and blue trees. pencil crayons and a small ceramic jar full of pencil shavings are in the background
A rainbow of colored pencils all lined up neatly next to each other