June 20, 2019No Comments

Big news

Well the big news around here is I decided to leave my job at Microsoft. I have felt a little stuck the last little while. While I've never felt more creative, I've also never felt stifled in quite this way before. And not by my job, like so many other creatives who long to go full time freelance but are too worried financially to leave their day job, but actually just by the rules of my work visa. Since I can't really start my own business as a Canadian on a temporary visa living in the U.S., it's either work as a designer for an employer or don't work at all.

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October 14, 2018No Comments

Pop Up Shop

I'm participating in a Pop Up shop in my neighbourhood at the end of October. Details on the event can be found here!

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May 21, 2018No Comments

New illustration account

I created an illustration based instagram account a little while ago to be able to keep it updated in one place. My favourite thing to draw is dogs, obviously, but I definitely am exploring and challenging myself to draw new things in new ways as much as I can.

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