I'm participating in a Pop Up shop in my neighbourhood at the end of October. Details on the event can be found here!

This is the first time I'll be selling my art in person at a table, and I'm so excited, and stressed, and confused, and disorganized. But mostly excited. I attempted to create a fancy spreadsheet of tasks to be completed and inventory and dues dates, but it's very likely missing some important stuff I haven't thought of yet. I've been working like crazy ordering supplies, screen and hand printing, carving, illustrating, pricing printers and materials, trying to decide exactly what products I'd like to create. I have no idea if I'm making the right choices, but I've given myself full permission to just try these things out and see what happens. I might sell nothing. I might sell out? Regardless of the outcome I think this experience will be useful in moving my art forward from a commercial point of view.

Some products I will be selling include:

Screen printed cat tote bags

Hand Bound, hand printed mini notebooks

Prints of my digital illustrations

Lino prints

Greeting card sets


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