May 13, 2023No Comments

Barks in the Zoo

I'm not actively seeking logo or branding projects, so I'm not sure if I will add this to my portfolio, but wanted to share work I made last summer for a pet supply store in Kalamazoo, MI called Barks in the Zoo. The couple who own the store were hoping to incorporate their two fur babies, pup Suki and kitty Sue, into the brand. I created a logo and some brand illustrations for use in their marketing designs.

Barks in the Zoo logo design by Kaila Elders
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September 11, 2020No Comments

Weekly Update: Sept 6-11

Painting supplies in the grass with the words Weekly Blog written across them

I have fallen hard off the blogging train, and with all that's going on in the world I think that's probably just fine. But I would like to start some version of a weekly or monthly journal update here, for a couple reasons. I've felt so many wild emotions in the last five months and it's interesting even looking through drafts of blog posts that I never ended up uploading to see where my headspace was at. I also would like to start a Patreon in the future, and my favourite thing about the artists I support there are the inside look at their work week, or month, or current client projects. I'm unable to start a Patreon until I get my green card, so for now I think it would be interesting to get in the practice of it here.

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