This week has been...not the best? Mostly because I got horrible news about my green card application (wrote out all my feelings on that here). I've also been hard at work on client projects, including a pet portrait commission in the style of my "Couch Potatoes" series, and a commission from a stationary company to create some sheets for their upcoming sticker book.

Last weekend was pretty underwhelming. Seattle has been coated in a cloud of heavy smoke for the last week or so from the wildfires raging across the western states (for info on how to help with wildfire relief click here). I really couldn't believe we could be more stir crazy and trapped inside than we have been earlier this year, but the air quality level has been labelled "hazardous" and we have barely poked our noses out the front door, except to pop out and give Greer a chance to do her business. Even Greer, who is a very low maintenance dog and typically sleeps about 20 hours a day, has been visibly annoyed that we haven't gone on any longer walks.

In good news, I made some fun purchases this week! I was able to snag a beautiful mug from Marina Lespérance Lopez, a ceramic artist based out of Montreal. I don't know the exact mug I will receive but here is a glimpse of her intricate and colourful work:

Annnd since fall is coming and the days are getting colder all too fast, I also ordered this cozy sweater from Kristen Barnhart. I'm not okay, but admire the blissful and forceful confidence of this sentiment.

So ya, I had a little retail therapy and am very much looking forward to those goodies in the mail. Also on my mind this week is the Good Goods Auction, envisioned and hosted by my amazingly talented friend Kaelyn of Handsel Mondays. I took part in this auction last month and sadly did not have time to get something together to contribute this month, which paiiiins me because this month ALL the proceeds are going to immigration orgs! Every month, three charitable organizations are selected to benefit from the profits of the auction, which features goods and services from talented makers from all over. This month the auction dates run from September 21-24, and all bids are placed via instagram, so please follow their account and do a little shopping yourself for an amazing cause. And if you're a maker of any kind, please reach out to Kaelyn with donation offers, I know she would appreciate it a lot!